Carwow. Funnel optimization.

Improving the success metrics within the web and app 'Car Configurator' flow. This product section helps customers begin their search for a new car, directly impacting engagement.
Automotive Tech
Product Design
Web & Mobile
Carwow title slide
Project overview
Timeline: 4 weeks.
Each Product Squad was tasked with optimizing metrics throughout the website and app to improve customer experience and drive the business forward.
My Product Squad identified improvements to the top of the funnel to solve two key metrics:
1. Reduce the drop-off rate.
2. Increase virtual showroom configurations on the website.
The product squad
Product Designer (me)
Front End Developers x2
Back End Developer x2
Project Manager
User Researcher

We identified user problems using Agile Product Processes, developed a hypothesis and job stories, conducted research, created design concepts, and ran tests to measure our success.
Below is the rough process we followed to develop an outcome and improve the business objectives.
Carwow UX customer journeyProject contextCurrent mobile UX and UIDouble Diamond project processUser research and feedbackProblem Statement and Job Stories HypothesisDesign researchDesign ideasTesting screen variantsResult of tests