Crowdfunding campaign that raised £5m for Carwow

In late 2019, we achieved an impressive crowdfund raise of £5m through marketing and designing a custom landing page, social media campaign, and detailed investor pitch deck.
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Project overview
Carwow is a fast-paced internet scale-up that challenges the industry norms within the automotive space. The product connects B2C customers to dealerships via an innovative online platform, helping them find a new, used, or leased car and buy it at a discounted price that customers can feel confident with.

In September of 2019, the company wanted to give its customers and fans a chance to invest in the growing business through crowdfunding, aiming to raise £2m, with an over funding cap of £5m. In just three weeks of the campaign being live, we smashed the target to raise a total of £5m.
Key results
• The £2m funding target was reached within 24 hours.
•  £5m raised overall from over 8,000 investors via CrowdCube.
• The pitch deck, campaign assets, and landing page all launched on time and smoothly!
The team
Designer (me).
Marketing Project Manager.
Email Content Marketer.
Chief Financial Officer.
My role: Lead Designer
The executive team turned to myself and the in-house marketing and development team to put together a Landing page, Investor Slide Presentation and Social Campaign Assets promoting the crowdfunding opportunity to customers.

Investor slide presentation, template design examples

I decided to design all the slide templates using Google Docs & Slides to collaborate with all stakeholders involved. In addition, choosing Google Slides allowed the content to be adjusted, edited, and reviewed simultaneously as design work. Cross-functional collaboration was essential to meet the deadline and launch the campaign on time.
Invest in carwow logo
Slide presentation design layout
Example of slide template
Example of slide template
Example of slide template
Example of slide template
Example of slide template
Example of slide template
Example of slide template
Landing page
Promoting the opportunity to customers
I worked directly with the development team, designing and building the landing page in just a few days. The process was a pure collaboration between myself and the developer, working in Sketch, InVision and making UX and UI adjustments within the browser on the go.
Landing Page Design
The Result
Target reached within 24 hours after launch!
The campaign was successful and launched smoothly, with the crowd investing £5m from over 8,000 investors.

Below is a screenshot of the crowdfunding campaign page on Crowdcube, the crowd investing platform Carwow partnered with to facilitate the fundraising.
Crowdcube investment page
Want to know more about this project?
Please get in touch for further details on the success metrics and statistical impact of the design and campaign.
"In helping guide projects, Robbie brought a clear structure in project management, in defining problems and goals, writing acceptance criteria, producing creative options executing and delivering pixel-perfect designs!"
Gareth Thomas. Head of Design, Carwow.