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Quick Trade is an iOS and Android native mobile app, enabling Canadians to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, and many more.
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Key results
• Over 90,000 new account sign-ups within the first 2 years of launch.
• 4.5 average rating on iOS & Google Play Store.
• 40+ Crypto-Fiat pairings supported on the app in response to customer requests.
• $39m assets under management.
Launch dates
MVP and Private Beta: December 2020
Public launch: January 2021
In early 2020, I joined Coinsquare to help the business design and launch its new cryptocurrency trading products. Then, in December 2020, we launched Quick Trade, a new mobile app available exclusively to Canadians on Android and iOS.
The team continues to iterate and improve the product to meet the growing demand of the crypto market's customers and regulatory requirements.
The team
The business assembled a cross-functional team to represent all stakeholders, including Design, Product, Development, Marketing, Operations, AML, Security, Treasury, and Client Success.
My role: Lead Product Designer
Oversee design for the App products, experiences and services that balance user needs, business objectives, and technical constraints, including managing external partners and client-agency relationships.

Lead, coach, and develop best practices within the design team. Fostering a culture of collaboration where each member feels empowered to bring new ideas forward, develop their craft, and continually raise the quality bar of the entire team.

Define the Design System, providing direction to the internal team and external agency partners to ensure best practices whilst implementing product design that scales.

Agile development: The product team continues to ship new features and updates to the app every two weeks.

Key Product Features

Trade interface
The team committed to building a unique trade UI that enables customers to generate different quotes and understand the fiat equivalent values of their currency trades.

This core feature of the app dared to be different to Coinsquare's competitors such as, Wealthsimple, Binance, and others, which all provide the user with less control over the final amount they receive.
Markets Charts
A large volume of customer feedback highlighted the need for simplistic market charting within the app.

I designed screens that allow the user to toggle between timeframes and quickly discover the previous and current prices of the supported coins.
Users can deposit Canadian Dollars and digital currency quickly via various funding methods.

Customer feedback highlighted the need for users to complete these steps seamlessly. As a result, the product team explored many iterations and improvements, ranging from the overall UX to minor copy tweaks.
Competitor reviews highlighted that other trading apps force users through several steps before making a withdrawal.
The product, design, and development team streamlined this process for Quick Trade users, shipping the minimum viable experience needed to securely provide customers with all they need to complete withdrawals.
The Activity section inside the app provides users with the basic info they need to view their previous transactions.

Since its launch in December 2020, this section of the app has benefited from the agile development process, allowing the team to ship incremental updates such as filters, and additional data points, to improve the experience and functionality for Quick Trade users.

UX & Product Process

Wireframes, User journey flows, and more.
Each new feature and iteration begins with wireframes, flow diagrams, requirements gathering, and exploring different possibilities to approach a customer-centric problem and User Story. I use Miro and Figma to map out User Flows and collaborate with our remote designers, developers, and project managers.
UX flow examples
Customer personas.
We created Proto-Personas to guide product plus design development decisions, aware that our reference points, metrics, and data would evolve.

A major challenge in launching new crypto market products is the rapid change in customer behavior, adoption, and engineering breakthroughs. In 2021, new Web3 products, along with services, fueled the sector's total market cap growth by 187.5%. Source:World Economic Forum
Customer persona images

Design System from scratch

Using Figma for collaboration across the remote team.
I established and guided the creation of the Figma Design System, creating a modern, collaborative, flexible, consistent, and iterative library of components, styles, and templates.
The Design System and its embedded documentation allow external designers and developers to collaborate on the app, enabling it to scale.
Agile development
Two-week sprint cycles to continually release app updates.
The team follows the agile software development processes, releasing product updates to the Apple iOS and Google Play Store every two weeks and tracking progress using Jira and Confluence.
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Key results
• Over 90,000 new account sign-ups within the first 2 years of launch.
• 4.5 average rating on iOS & Google Play Store.
• 40+ Crypto-Fiat pairings supported on the app in response to customer requests.
• $39m assets under management.
Growing ratings & reviews...
Love the new app! Makes it’s so much easier for newbies like me to trade crypto! #ToTheMoon
Twitter logo
App functions great! Good rates and quick deposits. Customer service has been wonderful. I would love to see my portfolio average on a future update. Overall very pleased with this exchange!
Google Play Store logo
Jeremy Colton
This Is Definitely One of the Best Exchanges For Canadians. Very Simple and easy! If people have problems with it, it must because you’re doing something wrong.
Apple iOS Store logo
I am new to the world of crypto and find Quick Trade as the easiest option to start. Really love the app and it’s simplicity.
Apple iOS Store logo
Fred Fleet
In a span of the last 15 minutes, I funded my @Coinsquare QuickTrade account, bought $DOGE and $MATIC. All before finishing my morning coffee.
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This is so far the best app for Canadians
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The Quick Trade App is way better than the original Coinsquare app. Did an Interac e-transfer and the money was sent to my Quick Trade account as fast a any other Interac e-transfer. Can you say EASY!!!!
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Dark Steel
Very clean app. Etransfer deposits work great. For basic use it's very good. UX is great and quick trades work as expected.
Google Play Store logo
Jordan Malfara
I love this app. I’ve been an investor for a decade and ever since using this I only log into a banks app to see my ETFS but the action on bitcoin is great and because this is so easy and simple to us I love it.
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Naphtha Anachronism
Quick trade is quick I was able to download and trade in less than 5mins … impressed
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